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"Using Two Shedding Devices on a Mirrix Loom"

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What's a Weave-Along?
A weave-along is a FREE online course. Claudia Chase and Elena Zuyok of Mirrix Looms will lead participants through a project woven on a loom. Every Sunday, participants will get an email going over what participants worked on week before and giving instructions and tips for the week ahead.

Participants are encouraged to ask questions and engage with other members of the weave-along via email and social media sites including the Mirrix Facebook PageMirrix Facebook Group and Mirrix Ravelry Page.

This is a community event! By signing up, you agree to post on one of our social media pages or email us at least once during the weave-along with updates on your progress, questions or even just a picture of your work. 

What is THIS Weave-Along?
In this weave-along, participants will learn how to weave on a Mirrix Loom with two shedding devices. Two different techniques using two shedding devices will be taught.There will not be a specific project, but participants will weave a sampler using both methods (or, just choose one). 

We will show two different techniques using two shedding devices. The firstphoto-141-224x300 technique will be basket weave/tabby weave. It will allow you to make a textured tapestry using two different yarns of different thicknesses.

The second technique will be twill/tabby weave. This will make a textured, consistent pattern by varying the warp threads that are lifted.

Our sample tapestry used to teach this technique will be done with silk and worsted weight wool. You will be able to buy fiber and supplies from our website, but can also use your own!

As part of the weave-along, we will give a 15% discount when you purchase a second shedding device. You will get a code for this discount after you sign up. 

Note: The double shedding device Weave-Along 14 is for people who have woven at least some tapestry before. 

Begins September7th

Email Dates:

September 7th (set-up and warping for basket weave/tabby weave)
September 14th (weaving and techniques for basket weave/tabby weave)
September 21st (re-installing shedding devices for twill/tabby weave)
September 28th (weaving and techniques for twill/tabby weave)

What you Need to Begin:
-Any size Mirrix Loom with a shedding device
-Another shedding device
-A warp coil (We will be using a 12 dent coil, this size comes with every Mirrix Loom with a shedding device)
-Two different types of yarn (A worsted size wool such as Waverly wool, hand-painted silkgold thread.) 
-Warp (we will be using  C-Lon Cord)
-A beater (a fork can also be used)
-A tapestry needle (We love these bamboo tapestry needles)

Sign-Up For Weave-Along 14