Save up for that new loom!

Want a loom, but can’t afford one right now? Want to make payments to get a loom for a special occasion? Mirrix Looms has layaway- just like those big box stores.

Fill out this form with some information about you and the items you want to put on layaway (you can find item names and prices here in our online store). Once we receive your form, we will write back with the total price of your order and send you an invoice for your first payment (or, if you are paying by check, send you the address where you can send your first check). The first payment will be 20% of your total order.

After that, your order will be reserved. Pay when you can in as many payments as you like via PayPal, check or by requesting an invoice that can be paid via credit card.

When you're ready to make your last payment, email us and we'll let you know what your last payment plus shipping will be. And then the fun part, we'll ship off your loom!

Have a question? Email Elena at

Layaway is an easy way to invest in a Mirrix!

Note: There will be a $10 admin. fee charged for cancelled layaway orders. 

Put Your Loom on Layaway Now!