The Queen Nefertiti Beaded Bracelet 

Learn to make a gorgeous beaded bracelet from warping to weaving to finishing. 


Need the perfect bracelet to wear to a special event? Looking for a gift fit for a queen? Make one of these stunning beaded bracelets for yourself and give one to a friend with this gorgeous project named after the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti.

(Bonus: This ebook comes with patterns and instructions for weaving two bracelets of different widths.)

What you Need to Begin:

Tools and Supplies:
-Any size Mirrix Loom 
-An 18 dent warp coil (note this does not come with looms without shedding devices) 
-A good pair of scissors
-A measuring tape or ruler
-A beading needle  (if your beading needle is long, you may also want a sewing needle)
-A bead mat or piece of cloth 

-A Queen Nefertiti Bracelet Kit (or equivalent supplies) 
This kit makes two bracelets, (one 1" wide and one 3/4" wide). We will be weaving the wider (1" wide) bracelet in this weave-along. The pattern for the smaller bracelet is different. 

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