Learn to make a gorgeous tapestry eyeglass case!

Take an adventure, get off the grid, let your wefts do some dancing. This project can be done by anyone interested in tapestry weaving. It may look difficult, but trust us, once you get into the rhythm of it, you will have found your new favorite techniques. 

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In this ebook you will learn:

1.) How to set-up and warp a Mirrix Loom
2.) Four tapestry techniques: opposing wefts, eccentric wefts, outlining and pick and pick
3.) How to use silk to add a shimmery accent to your tapestry  
4.) How to finish a fully-lined eyeglass case


What you Need to Begin:

-Any Mirrix Loom 12" or larger with a shedding device 
-An Eccentric Wefts Tapestry Eyeglass Case Kit 
-Navajo Wool Warp 
-Heddles (at least 50). These can be purchased here, or made. 

Or an Eccentric Wefts Tapestry Eyeglass Case Kit Loom Package

Plus basics like a good pair of scissors (we love these), measuring tape, sewing thread, a sewing needle and a tapestry beater (we like this one) or fork.

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